It was my turn to spend a little time with Patrick.

He sat on the floor in my office, putting together a few simple puzzles, all the while thinking aloud about his process.

“This one has round corners. It goes up here.”

“Here’s the eyes. This piece goes with the face.”

“Blue goes over here. His pants.”

Suddenly his frustration level rises.

“Where is it? I lost it! Now I can’t finish it!!”

Time for me to make a suggestion.

“Patrick, I bet if you stand up, you might see that you’re sitting on it.”

Up he jumps, sees the missing piece, quickly scoops it up and proclaims…”Mrs. Thompson, you’re a genius!”…plops back down and finishes the puzzle.

All is well again. Thanks to the genius.



6 thoughts on “Genius

  1. Great noticing of each of his proclamations. I can picture you sitting at your desk while he worked on the floor taking down all of those sayings. That’s…..GENIUS!

  2. I wrote about puzzles last week, and I’m hoping I can instill this kind of thought process that Patrick was making into Braeden. I remember you telling me about this moment. Seems to me there was more than one genius in the room.

  3. I admire your ability to tell an entire story in just a few words. This one says it all about kids – they are so pliable – they can be bent one way, only to be bent the totally opposite way the next second. I love their honesty and this time – it worked out well for you – the genius. I was able to see this child thinking through your words. Neat slice!

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