No radio.

Only silence from the speakers, no matter how many times I push the button.

I hear the rhythmic beat of my tires on the pavement.

I hear the wind rushing through the open window.

I hear music coming from the car next to me.

I want to hear music in my car!

I don’t like the silence coming from the speakers.


My question to my husband…. “When can we get the radio fixed?”

My husband’s question to me… “Did you hit the mute button on the steering wheel by any chance?”


What??? There’s a mute button on the steering wheel?


Not how it works

I can’t take you home with me

That’s not how this works

You deserve better

So much anger

So much frustration

I can see it in your eyes

Such sadness

But I can’t take you home with me

That’s not how this works


I have a confession to make. Seeing as this first Tuesday came right on the heels of the end of the challenge, I figured I would not write today and be okay with it. I had successfully completed the month-long challenge and decided I was good until next week when I would join the weekly postings.

This evening, as I waited for dinner to be ready, I browsed the blog to find that 85 of you had posted today. I was able to read a few before sharing my usual early evening ritual with my husband of dinner and conversation to decompress. Exercise for the soul.

Once the kitchen was clean, I headed downstairs to another one of my evening routines…the dreaded treadmill. Exercise for the body.

The whole time, though, my thoughts kept returning to the blog and my decision not to write today. I just had to check…92 of you have now posted. Could I just read and not add to the growing list of dedicated writers? No. I can’t. So I’m taking just a few minutes here to write my simple slice and post. Exercise for the mind.