Abandoned House

I pass it every morning and afternoon, but I never actually noticed it before.

A sagging roof patched in multiple areas. Its multi-colored ashphalt shingles crumbling from age.

Filthy windows that are cracked and shattered.

Sun-faded siding falling off here and there.

This abandoned house, now obscured from view by the over grown shrubs and weeds.

I pass it every morning and afternoon, but I never actually noticed it before.

Until this day.

Until I read the words of a prolific student writer:

As I walk home, I walk on dead land past an abandoned house. Then I realized we all at some point become an abandoned house……Like an abandoned house we can choose to rebuild ourselves or let ourselves rot in great despair…..

I pass it every morning and afternoon. Thanks to a young writer, now I notice it every day.

And I wonder whose life it once held within its walls.




Oh, Sammie!

Sammie walked into the office today with a note from his teacher.

Sammie says he can’t feel his legs.

                             Mrs. R

“You can’t feel your legs?” Mrs. C asked.

“No,” replied Sammie.

She probed deeper, “Not at all?”


“But you were able to walk down here,” she observed.

“Yes, I just can’t feel them,” he stated.

If this conversation was happening between two adults, there definitely would have been the usual joking about “then don’t feel them”. But this was a typical interaction between a child and the school secretary. All that was needed was a little attention and a little TLC. Sammie was on his way back to class within 5 minutes, obviously cured! And the note was filed away for that future bestseller that every school secretary could someday write.


In a recent post, I wrote about how I enjoy reading random signs as I pass them by. At the risk of repeating a topic, I just have to share the one that I saw today.

Seeing as we are in the middle of tax season, the message is timely with a humorous spin.


Teach Your Kids About Taxes

Eat 30% of Their Ice Cream

Gave me a good laugh!




Friends who are just like family.

They listen.

They support.

They help us make decisions….or make decisions for us when most needed.



Friends who are just like family.

I have them in my life.  I am blessed.

Just Be Nice

There’s a direct quote, in small font, at the top of the board in the classroom I just visited.

“If you’re not being nice, that’s a mean thing.” – Jovan M.

What a simply profound statement.

Jovan is a student in our 8th grade class. I don’t know the context by which he spoke those words or why they ended up on display for everyone to read.

I can’t help but rejoice in the teacher who is giving Jovan a voice and providing him with a place to not only see himself in his classroom, but to allow him to make an positive impact on his classmates.

What a Way to Start the Day

I pass empty trash cans at the curb…some on their sides, some still standing…as I approach the last leg of my daily commute, about a block from school.

Up ahead, I see a figure heading toward the street, obviously sent out to retrieve the family’s cans.

But she is not walking. She is dancing. Dancing her little heart out. Exaggerated moves. Arms in the air. Hair flying. Or maybe it’s her cheerleading moves. Either way, she’s making the best of a simple chore by having a good time as she does it.

As I get closer, I see no evidence of headphones. It appears that she is dancing to the music in her head. As my car passes in front of her, she gives me a glance and a wave without interrupting her motion.

I hope she dances her way into school this morning.

That’s what I feel like doing now.



It was my turn to spend a little time with Patrick.

He sat on the floor in my office, putting together a few simple puzzles, all the while thinking aloud about his process.

“This one has round corners. It goes up here.”

“Here’s the eyes. This piece goes with the face.”

“Blue goes over here. His pants.”

Suddenly his frustration level rises.

“Where is it? I lost it! Now I can’t finish it!!”

Time for me to make a suggestion.

“Patrick, I bet if you stand up, you might see that you’re sitting on it.”

Up he jumps, sees the missing piece, quickly scoops it up and proclaims…”Mrs. Thompson, you’re a genius!”…plops back down and finishes the puzzle.

All is well again. Thanks to the genius.