Never Taken for Granted

The trip has become fairly routine.

I walk halls that are now familiar to me, a far cry from how it felt a year ago when this journey began.

People are all around, some with eyes averted as we pass.

I remember the sense of nervous anxiety the first few times I passed through the doors.

Today…I feel much lighter as I make my way to my destination.

This is not a place to dread. It is a place to hope. 

The trip may have become routine, but I will never take it, or the people within these walls,  for granted.



Drink It In

What a beautiful morning! I sit here, coffee in hand, looking out at the pond, enjoying the scene before beginning my usual Saturday morning routine.

Sun dances on the water as geese glide on its glass-like surface, not a single ripple in sight, warming my bare feet as it filters in through the window. The still-bare branches of the trees reaching up to the sky, seemingly standing taller than they have been the last few months, ready for a change. Are those new leaf buds I see?

I briefly glance at the trash left behind high up on the banks after the recent rain and melting snow pushed the water levels much higher than normal. That’s just nature’s way of cleaning itself and will be forgotten once the cleaning crew comes through.

For now, I’m just going to sit here and drink it all in…



Giggles to Tears to Giggles

“What are you doing over there?”, I ask.

Big brown eyes…part twinkle, part little devil…look back at me. I wonder what she is up to.

As I move to her, (ever so gingerly because she loves her game of “catch me if you can”), I see that she has a glass in her hands.

How did she get that off the table so quietly?  How did she know to take into the other room, out of our sight? How does she know how to hide it? When did this 21 month-old get so smart?

As I move closer to her, those big brown eyes take on more of a sideways glance, her body turns away from me a little, her shoulder raises up slightly. She begins to giggle.

I recognize the signs. She is about to take off. With a glass in her hands! Time for this grandma to resort to trickery.

“Take a drink,” I suggest to her.

Down comes her guard as she moves the empty glass to her mouth and bends back…”drinking”. That gives me the time I need to travel the last few steps to her, hold onto her arm, and safely remove the glass from her grasp.

And then comes the toddler-typical crumple to the floor… in tears. I am now officially the meany.

“Grandma’s going to catch you”, I announce. And she’s instantly up and running, those big brown eyes bright and looking back at me, giggling as she disappears around the couch.

And of course, I oblige by chasing her.




Where to begin. Where to start.

It can feel overwhelming.

Every success had a beginning.

Reflect. Think. Begin.

There is no right or wrong.

Make mistakes. Learn from them.

Every success had a beginning.

Enjoy the process. Enjoy the journey.




Abandoned House

I pass it every morning and afternoon, but I never actually noticed it before.

A sagging roof patched in multiple areas. Its multi-colored ashphalt shingles crumbling from age.

Filthy windows that are cracked and shattered.

Sun-faded siding falling off here and there.

This abandoned house, now obscured from view by the over grown shrubs and weeds.

I pass it every morning and afternoon, but I never actually noticed it before.

Until this day.

Until I read the words of a prolific student writer:

As I walk home, I walk on dead land past an abandoned house. Then I realized we all at some point become an abandoned house……Like an abandoned house we can choose to rebuild ourselves or let ourselves rot in great despair…..

I pass it every morning and afternoon. Thanks to a young writer, now I notice it every day.

And I wonder whose life it once held within its walls.



Oh, Sammie!

Sammie walked into the office today with a note from his teacher.

Sammie says he can’t feel his legs.

                             Mrs. R

“You can’t feel your legs?” Mrs. C asked.

“No,” replied Sammie.

She probed deeper, “Not at all?”


“But you were able to walk down here,” she observed.

“Yes, I just can’t feel them,” he stated.

If this conversation was happening between two adults, there definitely would have been the usual joking about “then don’t feel them”. But this was a typical interaction between a child and the school secretary. All that was needed was a little attention and a little TLC. Sammie was on his way back to class within 5 minutes, obviously cured! And the note was filed away for that future bestseller that every school secretary could someday write.


In a recent post, I wrote about how I enjoy reading random signs as I pass them by. At the risk of repeating a topic, I just have to share the one that I saw today.

Seeing as we are in the middle of tax season, the message is timely with a humorous spin.


Teach Your Kids About Taxes

Eat 30% of Their Ice Cream

Gave me a good laugh!