A Simple Message

I often wonder just who it is that decides on what to put on one of those signs outside a business for all to see. Sometimes I smile when I see the message, sometimes it’s something with which I can agree or disagree, sometimes it has a religious tone or celebrates a holiday. No matter what the intent, they often provoke a reaction from me as I pass by.

I noticed one today as we were exiting the restaurant after Sunday brunch…..

Today Is The Day To Just Be Happy

Today….I agree with this.

Yes. I concede that, even with its slightly warmer temperature, it is a cloudy, rather dreary Sunday. One may say it is not an easy day to be happy.

But I’d rather take that statement and make it my own. I want to embrace all there is in my life to be happy about.

So…to whomever it was that made the decision to put those simple words on that sign for me to see today…I say “Thank you. Great choice!”


Wrapping My Brain Around It

“Wrap my brain around it”.

I used that expression twice with the same person at opposite ends of the day about two totally different topics. It’s an expression I tend to use…obviously with some frequency.

The split second I hit send on my email I realized I was repeating myself. But it was too late to change my words.

What the heck does it even mean?

“I need some time to think about it”?

“I can’t see it yet”?

“I have a lot on my mind”?

“I can’t fit one more thing in right now”?

Could be any of these at any given moment. This week, it’s been all of them at once for me.

Be patient with me while I wrap my brain around it.




My routine was disturbed at 5:30 am this morning when I reached over, grabbed the remote, and hit the on button. Nothing. Did I not do it the right way? Hit the on button again. Nothing.

This is not right. I do this in the dark every morning and wait for the TV to light up the room. I even make sure that it’s on the right channel before turning it off the night before. Let’s try this once more. Hit the on button. Still nothing.

Now I have to reach over and actually turn on a light so I can see both the remote and the TV. Exactly what I am looking for…I have no idea. They look fine to me, but repeated hits still lead to nothing.

My conclusion? The cable is out. That’s a dilemma. How will I get ready without the sounds of familiar voices updating me on the latest news? Forecasting the weather? Telling me if there are traffic issues to avoid during my commute? I need my routine to get me going. I need my morning TV companions.

The silence is deafening. I reach for the radio to fill the void, but it’s just a basic radio…no stereo…hard to find a good station. Too loud. Not loud enough. Voices that sound scratchy. I don’t know these people in the morning. This is not right either.

I’m heading home shortly. I sit here praying that the cable is back on. If it’s not, I can’t do the treadmill tonight because I need my sitcoms. After all, that’s my routine.

Dinner Anyone?

I got a message this morning that one of the junior high boys was looking for me. When I heard that it was Jeremiah, I wondered what he could possibly need from me since I didn’t recall any conversation that I had had with him. His message was basically “I need to see her because she didn’t show up for dinner.”

Wait…what?? Dinner?

Not sure what that meant…until I was reminded by the messenger about the 8th grade class meeting we had last week. We discussed graduation, the dance, the class trip, and how important it is for them to keep up with their school work this last quarter so they don’t fall behind.

I shared with them what I used to tell my students when I was still in the classroom. I always said that I needed them to hand their assignments in regularly unless they wanted to invite me for dinner so I could come and grade the work at their house. I told them spaghetti and meatballs was my favorite.

I received limited response to my little story at the time. A few kids chuckled in the back, and a few rolled their eyes the way junior high kids do. My mother had a phrase that she used quite often…In one ear and out the other…meaning it kind of fell on deaf ears.

Or did it? Jeremiah apparently “got the joke” last week and wanted to give it right back to me today. I really love a kid with a sense of humor. Especially a junior high kid!


Making Plans

I spent the day with my daughter, planning her upcoming baby shower. This is actually the third time in about 10 months that I have either a bridal or baby shower to plan. I’m guessing our family and friends are just a little leery of seeing mail from us right about now.

Invitations have been sent and RSVPs are coming in. Over lunch today, we finalized the menu, decided on colors for the table linens, ordered dessert, and discussed centerpieces and favors. We accomplished what we set out to do.

But the most enjoyable part of the day was our time spent just talking. In a few months, my daughter will have a daughter of her own. I can’t wait to see her begin her journey from new mom to “not-so-new” mom, sitting with her adult daughter making plans over lunch.

The best is yet to come for her.



I’m Waiting

Springtime is such a tease.

The sun shines before the clouds take over.

The temperature rises, only to decide to head back down.

A dry morning gives way to a rainy afternoon.

Jackets off,  jackets on.

I’m not complaining.

I’m patiently waiting for springtime to settle in and turn into summer.



It’s Epic

The Ten Commandments. Oh, no. Not again. Believe it or not, my husband could sit and watch that movie every year. Says it’s epic. Says it brings back childhood memories of Easters past. He ranks it right up there with decorating eggs, searching for baskets, wearing your finest Easter duds, and going to Grandma’s for dinner.

I never did enjoy the movie when I was younger. I prefer not to watch it now. So once again, he and I are engaging in our annual Easter debate….to watch or not to watch The Ten Commandments.

And once again, he promises to change it after “this next part”. I play along for awhile before briefly stepping out of the room.

When I return, he has changed the channel. I should be pleased, but I am quickly reminded to be careful what I ask for…as I sit here and watch yet another episode of his NCIS marathon.