Just Be Nice

There’s a direct quote, in small font, at the top of the board in the classroom I just visited.

“If you’re not being nice, that’s a mean thing.” – Jovan M.

What a simply profound statement.

Jovan is a student in our 8th grade class. I don’t know the context by which he spoke those words or why they ended up on display for everyone to read.

I can’t help but rejoice in the teacher who is giving Jovan a voice and providing him with a place to not only see himself in his classroom, but to allow him to make an positive impact on his classmates.


One thought on “Just Be Nice

  1. And, I rejoice (what a great and appropriate word choice!) that Jovan is in a classroom that is in a school that has teachers and a principal who seek to give all students a voice and allows them to take their place as a meaningful contributor. What a wonderful slice. Environment matters!

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